The Lebanese Politics Podcast – Historical Figures

The first in TLPP’s historical figures series. Released on September 10, 2018.

The eighteenth episode of The Lebanese Politics Podcast has presenters Benjamin Redd and Nizar Hassan test out a new format for the podcast: an episode dedicated to a politically important historical figure in Lebanon.

Bashir Gemayel, the president who was assassinated on September 14, 1982, just three weeks after being elected and before officially taking office is the first of these historical figures. His life, his impact during the civil war, his path to the presidency, his assassination and its aftermath, and what his legacy is in Lebanon today are analysed in this episode.

Also covered, news of the past week including: chaos at the airport, the latest on UNRWA and cabinet formation, STL, Lebanese politicians in Damascus, Syrian refugees and Hezbollah’s role in the returns, and parliament getting to work.

Music track: Zuhal by Elepheel, check out his other work at@elepheel

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