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Lebanon animal welfare law one step closer to becoming a reality

The smile hasn’t left the face of Animals Lebanon Director Jason Mier since it was announced Wednesday that the organization’s animal welfare bill had been approved by the Cabinet after over three years of campaigning.

“So much time and resources, by so many good people, and the outcome is exactly what we hoped for,” Mier tells The Daily Star.

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Lannate: Highly toxic and widely used in Lebanon


Rachel Haddad’s dog Bo was friendly, lively and large, weighing in at 45 kilos. When out for a walk with her mother and young nephew this summer, Bo swallowed a pellet off the ground. He was dead in 12 minutes.

That pellet, according to an autopsy done by the Haddad’s vet, turned out to be Lannate, the trade name for Methomyl; a broad spectrum insecticide designed in 1966 to treat agricultural crops. It is highly toxic to animals and humans, particularly if ingested or absorbed through the eyes.

In fact, the substance is so toxic that even if someone were to pick up a pellet with his/her bare skin there would be some reaction. It is regularly found to be the cause of death of stray cats and dogs, along with pets, across Lebanon.

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